You may have seen advertisements for our very popular “Appraisal Clinics” which we host a few times a year at our Grimsby location. But what is an Appraisal Clinic, and is it something that you should be signing up for?


1. What is a jewellery appraisal?

An Appraisal is an evaluation of a piece of jewellery that results in a document outlining the quality, condition and value of the item. This official document contains:

  • Detailed description of the item

  • Materials use

  • Stone grading (cut, colour, clarity, carat, Laser Inscription)

  • Retail Replacement Value

All of our appraisals are completed by a highly trained Certified Appraiser and Gemmologist (CGA) from an independent gemological laboratory that offers professional, fair and accurate evaluations.


2. What is Retail Replacement Value?

The Retail Replacement Value is the value associated with replacing the item at the present time and worth according to the premium retail replacement cost.


3. Why should I have my jewellery appraised?

The most common reason to have jewellery appraised is insurance purposes (i.e. theft, damage, or settlement for estate purposes.).  If you are planning on selling or trading, an appraisal will help you get the best value for your item.


4. How to prepare for an appraisal.

All fine jewellery needs proper care to not only keep your pieces looking great, but to ensure they last for generations to come. Consider having your jewellery professionally cleaned and polished to remove any built-up dirt and debris. If your piece is white gold, consider having it rhodium plated to bring back brilliance to the white gold finish. This service typically takes seven to ten business days to complete. Making sure your jewellery is cleaned and polished before being appraised ensures it will be appraised at its full value.


5. What else do I need to know?

Due to the changing nature of market value for precious metals, diamonds and precious stones, it is recommended that you update your appraisal every 5 – 7 years. Some insurance companies may require a new appraisal every couple years’.

Visit our website or call today to schedule your appointment for our upcoming Appraisal Clinic. Limited appointments are available.

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