The Perfect Beach Proposal – A Harmony Story

When I returned to Lithuania at the end of 2017 I wanted to propose to my then girlfriend Justina. The idea was to do it under the Christmas tree in Vilnius. We were there for a few days since that’s where the main international airport is in the country. When we went to the Christmas […]

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Our Commitment – A Harmony Story

Like many women I would drop the occasional hint or photo of a ring I really loved. Lucky for me, David picked up on these “subtle” clues :). We booked a trip to Charleston, SC to celebrate my birthday as well as our 1-year anniversary. It was on this trip he presented me with my gorgeous […]

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You may have seen advertisements for our very popular “Appraisal Clinics” which we host a few times a year at our Grimsby location. But what is an Appraisal Clinic, and is it something that you should be signing up for?   1. What is a jewellery appraisal? An Appraisal is an evaluation of a piece […]

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My Jewellery Box – My Design Week 36

You have stuck this out with me and I really would like your opinion on the Design that I have chosen.  Let me know what you think of it. After poring through pictures and going through the internet looking for designs for rings, I have finally picked one!  Everyone here at Harmony Jewellers is so […]

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My Jewellery Box -To be Melted- Week 35

Well here we are at week 35, I have finally picked all of the jewellery to be melted.  It was a very hard process,  I am happy that it is over and all of the stones have been taken out.  This way, I can no longer change my mind.  I think that I ran upstairs […]

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My Jewellery Box – Dangle Earrings – Week 34

I had thought that I was done the earrings but came across these 14K Gold Dangle Earrings.  Totally forgot about them as I never wear them.  Stuck way down at the bottom of the jewellery box. I know that I will put them into the melt down pile of jewellery.   I think that I […]

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My Jewellery Box -Diamond Earrings- Week 33

These Diamond earrings are the last thing that I have to share with you.  I wear these quite often, and would never melt them down. They are my go to earrings when I am trying to figure out what to wear with the outfit. Classic, cute, and probably a little bit old fashioned, but I […]

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My Jewellery Box -Opal Earrings- Week 32

These beautiful little opal earrings are really special to me.  If you remember in one of my early posts my husband had bought me an opal ring.  Later that same year he bought me these earrings to go with it.  They are so comfortable to wear, go with many of my outfits, and  look nice […]

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My Jewellery Box -Classic Gold – Week 31

Well my friends we are getting closer and closer to the end of this journey that you have so kindly shared with me.  Today I would like to share with you my classic gold earrings.  Not to big, not to small, goes with everything kind of earring.  Butterfly backings, very easy to wear.  Light weight […]

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