Citrine and Amethyst Ring – Weird, Wonderful or Wacky?

Well, how about this Citrine and Amethyst Ring. This stunning piece is a fairly big ring, and great for those of you that have nice long fingers. I had it on my finger just to see how it would look.  It is 18K white gold and has the diamond bling factor as well. You will find this ring in the Estate case At Harmony Jewellers.

One Hundred and Twenty bead set round diamonds that are F – G in colour adorn the sides and top of this ring, and boy oh boy, they sparkle like crazy! The Citrine is  2.77 cts accompanied by a  4.18 ct Amethyst. I love the bottom shank on this ring.  It is a European bottom, so it is not rounded like most rings, it has a more square shape.  This keeps the ring from turning on your finger.  Whomever made this ring was really thinking about comfort and style.  The European bottom of the shank is a really nice touch.

Both coloured stones are eye clean with a good cut.

So what do you think?  Would you wear this ring?  I find it to be quiet interesting and different.  No one else is going to have one, and  it would really be a great conversation starter!

You could also use this as a family ring if you and your significant other  are born in February and November. Now that is a statement piece.

 Let me know what your thoughts are on this ring.  Do you find it Weird, Wonderful or Wacky?


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