Diamond Halo Ring

Laura loved her wedding rings, but after 27 years really felt it was time to update the style. She wanted to use all her own diamonds and her own gold to hold on to the sentiment from when the rings were given to her. Laura really struggled with the feeling of them not being the original rings given to her from her husband, and also worried about how he would feel about her changing the style of the rings. Laura took months of looking at different style settings on line however, the internal battle of “Should I or Shouldn’t I?” was the biggest hurtle that she needed to settle first, even though her husband said he just wanted her to be happy.
Diamond Halo Ring-Laura-3

Original Ring

Finally Laura found a setting that would accommodate all of her wishes. Harmony Jewellers did the drawing of the new wedding set and provided her with a sketch and 3D image to look at, this way she could give her input.
Diamond Halo Ring-Laura-1


After some minor alterations, the digital image was done. Even at this point Laura was still feeling an internal struggle with her decision. However, she forged ahead to have her new design completed.
Diamond Halo Ring-Laura-2

3D Image

On the day her new rings were ready and handed to her, Laura knew she had made the right decision! They were everything that she had hoped for and more! She beamed from ear to ear and could not stop showing them off!
Diamond Halo Ring-Laura

Finished Product

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