Glashutte Original Senator Perpetual Calendar

Glashutte Original Senator Perpetual Calendar 100-02-06-13-04

   In the world of haute horology the concept of a Limited Edition is somewhat commonplace. We quite often see limited editions of 1000 to 5000 pieces which, while in theory is limited, exclusivity is not a guarantee as these large production numbers are often still readily available and accessible.

   Now let’s turn our attention to the watch at hand. This platinum Glashutte Original Senator Perpetual Calendar is number 31 of only 50 pieces made worldwide! To be the wearer of such an exclusive watch means you belong to a club with only 50 members world wide. Now that is an exclusive club. There are few luxury items one can purchase that will increase in value over the years, the limited number ensures that this watch will most certainly become more desirable to collectors as it is passed along to future generations.

 Glashutte Original perpet Cal 31-50 - BP may18,16_frontGlashutte Original perpet Cal 31-50 - BP may18,16_buckle

Glashutte Original perpet Cal 31-50 - BP may18,16_back

   As one would expect, this watch is made from the finest materials, painstakingly hand assembled to exacting standards. The 40mm solid platinum case is home to the 59 jewel,Glashutte calibre 100-02. This movement is a full perpetual calendar which mechanically calculates months with fewer than 31 days and leap years. I will never cease to be amazed by the micro-mechanical technology  needed to run such an impressive complication. The crown is set with a black onyx, a feature exclusive to platinum watches within the Glashutte family. The dial is matte black with white Roman Numerals and white gold hands.

  To the untrained eye this appears to be an attractive and subtle timepiece. To the watch collector or enthusiast, it is a work of art, coveted by many but worn by few.

This watch comes complete with original box and papers.

Glashutte Original Glashutte Original perpet Cal 31-50 - BP may18,16_box1

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