My Jewellery Box – Diamond Pendant – Week 17

Here we have a very classic design, the tear drop.  It is that shape that will compliment just about everyone’s shape and size.

I love the look of the suspended diamonds.  This necklace goes with so much, and any colour that I wear.  I had actually bought this one to go with a little black dress I was wearing to an event my husband and I were attending.  I had so many compliments on it.  You can put any white gold earrings with or even studs.  If I remember correctly, I wore a pair of diamond studs with this on that evening.  This necklace I have also worn with a tee shirt and jeans and it still looks great.  You can dress this piece up or down.  Versatility and beauty in one piece.

White Gold Classic Tear Drop

     White Gold Classic Tear Drop

I would not take this piece apart or change it in any way.  I love it just the way that it is.  It is a piece that I bought just because I loved the look and how it went with just about everything I wear.  I have never really been a white gold person, and much prefer the yellow gold, however, it seems that I have been looking at more and more white gold.  What is it that makes people choose yellow over white?  Is it skin tone?  Is my skin tone changing and that’s why I don’t mind the look of white gold anymore?  I never really thought about it until now.  I use to think that I never looked good in the white gold or silver, but I don’t mind it now.  I wonder what has changed? I think I will go through some of my older pictures and see what I was wearing when I was younger.  Maybe we always keep changing as we go through life.

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  1. It is funny how we change our preferences over time. I can remember thinking if I wasn’t wearing yellow gold then people would just assume I was wearing either silver or costume jewellery. I think the media is helping to broaden our view of different metals. And, thankfully, jewellery craftsmen are creating stunning pieces in such a wide variety of hues of metals.

    Sandie Feist
    October 11, 2016 Reply

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