My Jewellery Box – Diamond and Sapphire – Week 18

I have to say that my husband is one of the most thoughtful people that I know. He is always so full of surprises and always knows how to make an occasion very special using my favourite, diamonds and sapphires.  This next piece is a necklace that he had made to match part of the design that is on my engagement ring.  Kind of like the bracelet that he had given me for one of our anniversaries that you had previously seen in this blog.

 The difference is that this one is on a really good chain and is very sturdy.  It can stand up to my everyday wear and I don’t have to worry about it.  The design and colours of the necklace are from the same design as my ring.  I just love sapphires and diamonds together.  I was so surprized when I opened this gift on my first anniversary.  He tries so hard to find me the most unique and special things.  The best part is that he always succeeds.

Diamond and Sapphire Pendant

Diamond and Sapphire Pendant

I also don’t have to worry all that much about claws on the diamonds.  These ones are bezel set.  Although a claw setting would let more light into the diamonds and they would shine better, I think that I am more comfortable with the bezel.  To me (and this is only my opinion) I think that my diamonds are more protected this way.  Even though this is a necklace and not a ring, I still love the bezel more.  Each person has a different opinion on how they like their stones set, and there are many ways to do it. This just happens to be my favourite.  In my next blog I will go over all the different settings for stones so you can see the differences. Next week is also going to be another spectacular piece that my husband surprized me with.

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  1. I love this piece….and I agree, sometimes it is much wiser to go with the more practical setting rather than the expected one.

    Sandie Feist
    October 15, 2016 Reply

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