My Jewellery Box – Fancy Gold Bracelet -Week 10

I will have to say that out of the bracelets that I have worn, this one was one of the favourites, I guess that’s why it’s broken.  With gold being a softer metal, it gets thin in spots and will eventually break if it is not looked after.  Well, I did not look after this one and it now  sits in my jewellery box not ever to see the light of day.  There is another one somewhere in my jewellery box that is also broken, I had worn them together.  I will have to do some searching for it.  I believe that this one will help in the gold content of making something new.  It does not weigh very much but every little bit will help.

Broken Bracelet

Broken Bracelet

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  1. Sad but exciting at the same time! The more gold the more fabulous the recreation!!!
    I’m following week to week and can’t wait to see the masterpiece when it’s done!

    August 18, 2016 Reply

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