My Jewellery Box – Gold Bracelet – Week 11

After an extensive search, I finally found my other broken bracelet.  Again this was one of my favourites, and I wore it all the time until it broke. I had inquired about getting it fixed, but it just would not be the same and you would see where it was repaired.

Another Broken Bracelet

Another Broken Bracelet

This made me wonder though, what happens when one bracelet is 10k yellow gold and the other is 14K gold, and I want to use them in my new design?  Can they be mixed?  What does the karat gold then become?  What do they stamp on my new design? What if some of my jewellery is white gold and yellow gold?  Can I mix these together? I will have to find this out and let you know next week.  I really hope that they can be mixed, because not all my gold jewellery is the same karat.  In my younger days, when I was saving to purchase my own jewellery, it usually was not the 18k expensive stuff.  When I start looking at the gold stamps on what I have, there is quite the mixture.  Stay tuned, I will find the answers to the above questions by next week!

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