My Jewellery Box – Gold Charm Bracelet – Week 12

Well, here is my version of a charm bracelet that  never got charms!  I thought it was going to really look nice having all gold charms on a it.  Which would have been fine, however, I would have ended up buying them all myself-  no one gave one to me. Not for my birthday, not for my Anniversary, I ended up wearing it occasionally, but it looked a little silly with no charms on it.  I think I will trade this one in and use the gold for something else. I think I was about 20 year old when I bought this bracelet.

June 2,16 (2 of 14)

Charm Bracelet


 That reminds me of some of the questions I had from last week.  Yes, you can mix the gold.  So if you use equal portions of 14K and mix it with 10K the average would now be 12K.  You can also mix white gold and yellow gold.  Depending on how much of each you use, will depend on the colour that you will end up with. The problem of mixing the golds and using old gold in your design, you could end up with something call porosity. Porosity is the formation of bubbles inside a material. It happens in many industrial processes, in many cases rendering the material useless. By adding “new gold” to an item that is being made with my old gold, this should keep porosity from happening.

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  1. Thanks for the education on mixing gold types and Karats! Very informative!

    August 29, 2016 Reply

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