My Jewellery Box – Engagement Ring -Week 5

Now we have the rings that were handed down to me from family.  Are they my style? Will I ever wear them? Are they something that I should hang onto and pass to my children?  Or should I transform them into something that I will love and wear and hopefully pass on to the next generation?  My grandma’s engagement ring is a very classic look with the single diamond in the center.  It is a unique setting and has a lot of nostelgic value to me.

It is a shame that it sits in my jewellery box and is never enjoyed.  I am a firm believer that jewellery should be worn, loved and enjoyed.  When I look at this ring it reminds me of my grandma, and I think that if I take the gold and diamond and put it into something that I will wear, I will know that my grandma is still with me in the ring, and it is a part of her.  Emotions run deep when a piece of jewellery is given to us from someone that we love and is no longer with us.  I think that she would be happy to know that the ring that she gave me is again being worn and enjoyed, even if it is not in it’s original form. – Love you Grandma.

Grandma's Ring

Grandma’s Ring

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  1. Very sweet and sentimental! Thank you for sharing Jo and please post a picture in a future blog if you choose to change it up! I love to come back for the next story/piece!

    July 14, 2016 Reply

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