My Jewellery Box – Sapphire and Diamond Week 6

Still on the family heirloom rings that have been passed down, I have a nice yellow gold three stone diamond ring.  Although it is not my style, it means a lot to me as it belonged to my Aunt. She also gave me a sapphire and diamond ring done in yellow gold.  It is a very nice looking ring but one that is also not my style.  I really think that I could take the diamonds and gold and  put them with the gold and diamond of my grandma’s ring and make something special.  I will have to see what the Designer at Harmony Jewellers thinks she can do.  I am starting to get very excited about this and can hardly wait to see what kind of stones I will have and what  can be made out of all the different pieces that I don’t wear.  Will it be ring?  or a necklace and earring set?  Will I have enough for maybe all three pieces?  Maybe more?

Aunty's Sapphire and Diamond Ring

Aunty’s Sapphire and Diamond Ring

Aunty’s Diamond Ring

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  1. Anxiously waiting to see the final products. Harmony Jewellers does amazing custom work!!!

    July 23, 2016 Reply

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