My Jewellery Box -Emerald Earrings – Week 28

These Emerald Earrings were given to me from my late Aunt .  Not my favorite, (I am talking about the earrings not my Aunt) but I do have the emotional ties that go with them. I could make these into something else.  Maybe I could make two pendants out of them.  One for me (which I probably would wear) and one for my daughter-in-law. Who am I kidding?  I still would not wear it as a pendant.  I am not a green person.

Emeralds are my daughter-in-laws favorite stone.  Her engagement ring is an emerald. Maybe, I could leave them as is and just give them to her as earrings.  But that would be no fun for me.  I am going to put these in the pile of things that I am going to transform into something new.  I think that they would make far better pendants then earrings. The emeralds are a nice colour and there are no visible inclusions that I can see. The diamonds are not bad ones, and if I do not make a pendant for me, I could use them in something else I make.  Hopefully my Aunt would approve of me transforming them into something new.

Emerald and Diamond Earrings

All the diamonds and the emerald have a claw setting.  Although this is not one of my favorite, it does happen to suit this piece. Emeralds are a very soft stone and can not be cleaned in an Ultra sonic cleaner. To clean an emerald, use room temperature running water and a soft toothbrush with mild soap like hand soap or Woolite. Brush repeatedly on the underside of the emerald to remove accumulations of dirt and grease. You will see the emerald begin to brighten. It should then be rinsed with warm water, and patted dry.

Emeralds are really pretty, I wish that I liked the colour green. There are a lot of really nice emerald jewellery pieces in the Harmony Jewellery Estate showcases.

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