My Jewellery Box -Heart Earrings – Week 30

My Dad bought me these little heart earrings. They are the first pair of “real” earrings I had ever owned.  I got them just after I had my ears pierced.  My Mom didn’t want me to get them done.  I had to wait until I was 16.  As soon as piercing earrings were ready to come out, my Dad came home with these cute little earring for me to wear (my Mom was really mad at him).

I remember wearing them for years because they were my first real pair of real gold earrings I ever owned.  The stones are small chips of diamonds and they are 10K yellow gold.  Anyone remember Consumers Distributing? I believe that this is where they came from. I don’t think that I can melt them down.  When I look at them they make me smile and remind me of my Dad.

The earring look a little bit like a door knocker.  The little hearts move back and forth on the center post part. Maybe just for nostalgic reasons I will wear them for a bit.

Heart Earrings

I have since had one ear pierced several time and the other only once more. These earrings are a little big to put into either the second or third hole of my ear, and a little to small to put into the original pierce. Oh well, I will just put them in and smile when I look in the mirror at them.

The Heart has long been recognized across cultures as being a symbol of, charity, joy and compassion. I think my dad bought them just because he loves me!

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