My Jewellery Box -Opal Earrings- Week 32

These beautiful little opal earrings are really special to me.  If you remember in one of my early posts my husband had bought me an opal ring.  Later that same year he bought me these earrings to go with it.  They are so comfortable to wear, go with many of my outfits, and  look nice when dressed up or in a pair of jeans.

The earrings have a really nice gold detailing around the stone.  The detailing looks like a rope surrounding the opal.   The bezel set, as mentioned before, is one of my favorite settings.

Opal Earrings

After these earring, I think that I only have one other pair to share with you. Then we get into the melting and designing of my new piece of jewellery.  These opal earrings will not be part of that.  I like them way to much to do that, and besides my husband bought them and would be really hurt if I did that.

I am really excited about making something new.  Many ideas are going through my head and hope that I can get them down on paper good enough for the Harmony Designer.  My other worry is if I have enough gold to make something.  In going through this process, I have found it very hard to give up some of the items because of the emotional attachment that I have to them.

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