My Jewellery Box – So Special – Week 25

I was done with the necklaces, until, the Secret Santa dinner party.  So there is one more that  I must tell you about.  However, there is a little background I must fill you in on first.

At Harmony, we have a little Secret Santa Dinner.  We draw names, and then we purchase something for that person. Wrap it, and put it under the tree and hopefully the person did not see as we have to guess who bought us the gift.

There is a gentleman by the name of Harvey that is a goldsmith at Harmony.  He is a very gentle soul, and as long as we have known each other he has called me – Your Majesty.  I have called him -My Loyal Subject.  It is a little inside joke that the two of us have.  Whenever he calls me Your Majesty, I ask him if he has enough twigs to keep his family warm and to cook with.  I tell him that only my most loyal subjects get extra twigs and potatoes for hard work and sacrifice.  This bantering has gone on since I have known Harvey.  This year, Harvey drew my name for the Secret Santa.  Of course I did not know this until I opened my gift.  I’m not sure if you can guess what I received as my gift by now, but yes it was a twig.  A very special twig that I will cherish for the rest of my life.

Not only is this special, it is one that is designed and hand crafted by the master himself – Harvey.  When I opened my gift at the dinner I knew immediately who had drawn my name for the Secret Santa. I could not have been more surprised or happy.   It is a stunning hand crafted original pendant of a twig with one single maple leaf on it. It is made of silver and exquisite!


Thank you Harvey, you are truly a gifted and talented individual.  I am so lucky to call you my friend.

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