My Jewellery Box -Two Tone Gold – Week 29

This pair of two tone gold earrings have my favorite stone in them. Diamonds of course! I bought these earrings from Harmony Jewellers about 8 years ago.  At the time I wore them quite a bit. However, it was not until I was going through my jewellery box that I found them again.

Because I bought them myself, and for no special occasion, I have no emotional attachment to them. The diamonds are not big enough to put into something else, so maybe just the gold can be transformed into something new.  Unlike the first pair of hoops I shared with you, these ones are round, but have that fabulous closure that I like.  Snap it in and go!  No worries.

Two Tone Diamond Hoops

I think I will see if I wear them or not.  If not, then into the pile of jewellery they go, to be transform into something new!  I am not sure why I don’t wear them, maybe they are a little dated? The more I look at them the more I know that I won’t wear them, so, I may as well just put them into the pile of jewellery to transform now. It is kind of like that sweater you find at the back of your closet.  When you first find it, you are like, WOW I totally forgot about that.  You put it on the hanger up front so that you will wear it, but for some reason, you always find an excuse not to.  Well, that is exactly how I feel about these earrings.

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