My Jewellery Box – Vintage Earrings – Week 26

Well, Christmas is over and now I can get back to more jewellery.  We are going to start on the earrings now.

The first pair that I would like to share with you are a pair of vintage diamond earrings.  I had purchased them at Harmony Jewellers, in the Estate section of the store.

The diamonds in the earrings are in an old European cut style.  |This is my favorite cut of a diamond.

The old European cut is an antique type of diamond cut that was fashioned long before modern technology allowed minute precision and geometrically perfect diamond shapes. A descendant of the old mine cut and a refinement of cushion cuts, European cut diamonds have a very small table and a heavy, bulky crown. The body of the gem is very deep, and the culet at the base or point of the gem is generally larger and more open than in contemporary cuts. The overall shape of the stone is round, though some European cuts may be slight ovals due to the imprecise cutting methods used generations ago. This cut was most popular during the late 1800s and early 1900s. Today it can be found in many antique and vintage rings and diamond jewellery.

I really like the two tone look of these vintage earrings. I also love the way they close (they are very hard to lose!)  This is one pair of earrings that I would never in my life time destroy or make into something new. I wear these earring a lot.  They go with just about everything. Because they are a two tone, I can combine them with most other pieces of jewellery.

Vintage Earrings

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