My Jewellery Box – White Gold Earrings – Week 27

Out of all my earrings I wear these a fair amount of the time. When I am lounging around the house or just going for a walk with my dog, I put these on.  I love these white gold and diamond hoops.  They are easy to put in, easy to wear and hard to lose.

The backings on them are great and I can hear them snap in the lock when I put them on.  Diamonds will always be a classic that you can dress up or dress down. I have had these diamond earrings for a very long time.  So long that I do not even remember who gave them to me or if I bought them myself.  I have no emotional ties to these earrings, but I still do not think that I would melt them down and use the stones for anything else.  I wear them far to often to do that.  As I had said in an earlier post, I am usually a yellow gold person, but there are times that you just need that silver or white gold to set an outfit off the proper way.

White Gold and Diamond Hoops

The diamonds in the earrings are a fair size, not overly big, but I think perfect for that everyday look.  The diamonds are done in a channel setting which again, is one of my favorite settings.  My other favorite is the Bezel setting. I do however, have some earrings with claws to set the stones. Each person is different in what they choose, or draws their attention to a particular piece. The other thing that really drew me to these earrings is the shape. They are not a round hoop, but more of an oval.  I do wish that they had the diamonds set on the inside as well, that would have made them spectacular! But then again, would I then wear them to walk the dog? or just save them for special occasions?

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