My Jewellery Box – Custom Made Gold Pin – Week 22

I did not realize that most of the pieces that I have, hold such special meaning to me.  The memories are incredible as I go through my jewellery box.  The next item I have to share with you is my custom made gold pin.  The custom made pin was a gift from my husband (yes… him again). It is a pin of our first “child” together.

We had decided that it was unfair to have a dog, as we were not home often enough, and it would not be fair.  We ended up at the Exhibition in Toronto and they were having a cat show. My husband and I wandered around for a bit, and came across this very odd looking cat.  It had no hair (which means no Vacuuming!). I fell in love with the breed;  it is called a Devon Rex.  We took the name of the breeder, and put our name in for a kitten.  It seemed like no time at all, we had our precious little ball of skin.  To be honest, when we first brought her home, she looked like a little rat, but so adorable.  We named her T-bone.

She loved car rides and went to Florida more times then our children did.  T-bone was in our family for over 18 years.  I think that it was the worst day of my life so far when she passed away.  It devastated me and completely broke my heart.  My husband was worse then I.  We both said that we would never get another pet.  It is just to painful when they leave us.

This custom made pin of T-bone was done from a picture, she was a real ham for the camera.  My husband thought this would be a good way for me to always keep her close and in my heart. I would never melt this down to make something else.  It is way to special to me.


Custom Pin

Custom Pin

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  1. This brought tears to my eyes. We really do get attached to our pets.

    January 30, 2017 Reply

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