My Jewellery Box – Diamond and Pearl- Week 24

I do believe that this diamond and pearl necklace is my last necklace to share with you.  I bought this necklace myself, and am disappointed with it.  The diamonds are what caught my eye, and I thought the pearl made the piece feminine. It is done in white gold, and the chain is 18″ long.  The pearl in the necklace continually gets caught and is on an angle.  Not sure why.  I really should have the Goldsmith at Harmony Jewellers take a look at it for me.  Maybe that is why I don’t wear it very often. It is a freshwater pearl and is approximately 5 mm.  I really liked it when I bought it however, with it sticking all over the place and not looking right, it sits in my jewellery box. What a waste of good looking jewellery.

Diamond and Pearl

Diamond and Pearl

Should I just hand this one in and have it melted down?  Make it into something new?  The stones are a little small to have put into something, and if you remember from a previous post, I am not the best with pearls.  If I put it into a ring, I will destroy it in no time flat.  I wonder if I made it into a different pendant, and make is a  stationary drop pendant, if I would wear it.  I like the look of pearls and I think that it’s really special that they come from a living creature of the ocean.

Did you know that a Pearl is the only gem that comes from a living organism?  Pearls are a classic addition to any jewelry collection, they can look great all dressed up or  fabulous with a pair of blue jeans. The pearl is said to symbolize the purity, generosity, integrity, and loyalty of its wearer.

Next week we start on the earrings!

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