Cartier Santos-Dumont W2006951


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Here, in the words of Cartier is a brief but succinct history of the Santos collection: Santos-Dumont belongs to a brilliant line of people who changed the world on the strength of their independence and perseverance. He was more than a fearless aviator. His style, personality and sense of innovation made him a truly modern man. After meeting Louis Cartier in 1900, their ensuing friendship was a catalyst for progress. In 1901, Santos-Dumont needed a wearable technology to keep time during his pioneering flights. The traditional pocket watch was far too impractical while handling the controls of his flying machines. In 1904, Louis Cartier created a watch for Alberto Santos-Dumont, resulting in the first modern wristwatch. This example is known as the Santos-Dumont. The 35mm case, in 18kt rose gold, comfortably hugs the wrist creating a seamless connection to time and history. In a watch world full of oversized, behemoths it is refreshing to experience a classic design and size. This hand-wound Cartier will bring out your inner gentleman with it’s sophisticated, elegant design and history. This watch comes with box only.


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