Omega Speedmaster GMT Broad Arrow Co-Axial 45mm 3581.50.00


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This watch, as it’s name implies, holds many characteristics that appeal to watch enthusiasts. So let’s examine the name, Omega Speedmaster Broad Arrow GMT Co-Axial Chronograph. Omega: for over 160 years omega has dove to the deepest depths of the ocean and reached new heights into the atmosphere. Synonymous with quality, Omega has carved out their place in horological history. Speedmaster: the name instantly conjures up images of early space exploration and the pioneering spirit required to push the boundaries of professional adventurers and weekend warriors alike. Broad Arrow: refers to the impressive hour, minute and GMT hands. The hour hand specifically, bears a resemblance to the Broad Arrow designation found on British military watches. This logo has been in use since the mid 1500’s to distinguish British military and government goods. GMT (Greenwich mean time): is defined as the mean solar time at the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, London. In watch terms this feature refers to a watch with a secondary hour hand that can be adjusted independently of the primary hour hand to indicate the time in an alternate time zone. Co-Axial: simply put, this a modification made to a mechanical watch mechanical watch escapement which allows for greater accuracy over time and less frequent maintenance. This technology was developed by Master Watchmaker George Daniels and was incorporated into the Omega family in 1999. The Co-Axial complication is the first practical modification made to a watch escapement in over 250 years. Chronograph: is a complication used for measuring elapsed time. So, there you have a not so brief explanation of this watch and all it offers from a technical standpoint. Those features aside, this is a good looking watch with a 45 mm stainless steel case that looks at home under a French cuff as well as with cut offs and a tee shirt. This is a brand new watch that comes complete with original box and papers.