Patek Philippe 1530


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Very rare stainless steel Patek Philippe reference 1530 !! Now that we have your attention, lets examine this unique and highly collectible timepiece. First of all, yes it is stainless steel. This fact alone makes this an anomaly in the world of Patek Philippe where the majority of watches are either gold or platinum. The lugs have a teardrop shape reminiscent of the Art Deco influence. The staggered Roman numerals surround the dial which shows just a hint of natural patina. The case measures in tastefully at 23mm x 36mm. This is a watch that is often spoken of but seldom seen. This highly collectible timepiece is destined to be a feather in the cap of an avid collector. This watch does not come with original box or papers. Vintage Appraisal $16,000.00