Rolex Air-King-Date 5700


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There are few things in life that defy improvement. Peanut butter, a 1968 Mustang GT and bacon definitely all fall into that category of ~22~22 impossible to improve upon!~22~22 I dare say that this Rolex Air-King-Date also falls into that category.Clean lines and rock solid dependability with a hint of natural patina combine to make this watch is a shining example of classic design. This example has a production year of 1959. To put that into perspective, at 58 years old, this watch is quickly approaching retirement age. But as watch collectors know, a Rolex will never retire. It will be on your wrist until you pass it along to the next generation to wear, admire and enjoy. The 34mm stainless steel case sit discretely on the wrist thanks to its vintage sensibility and steel Jubilee bracelet. Recently, there has been much needed return to an appreciation for the size and style of vintage watches. This Air-King-Date will be, for one fortunate individual, a welcome addition to a growing watch collection. ~09~09~09 Vintage Appraisal $6000.00


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