Rolex Air-King Domino’s Pizza 34mm 5500


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From the early 1970’s until the mid 1990’s Rolex partnered with Domino’s Pizza to produce these Domino’s branded Air-King models. Known as The Rolex Challenge, the watches were given out to managers who achieved and surpassed sales targets. It may seem to some that this would be an odd pairing, since Rolex was always extremely picky about branding their watches. But now, some 40 years later this odd union has found its niche and these watches have become collectible and desired by watch enthusiasts world wide. This example is from 1988 and bears all the expected attributes of an Air-King from that era. The 34mm stainless steel case is fitted with a smooth bezel, screw-down case back and crown, in-house movement, and Oyster bracelet, providing the wearer with all the defining characteristics of a Rolex, wrapped up in possibly the most versatile package the company has ever put forward. Plus…for the pizza lover, a Domino’s logo!! This cool little sleeper will entertain and astound even the most hardened watch collector. This watch was serviced in November of 2018


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