Rolex Explorer


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{Rolex Explorer} There’s a great deal to be said about quiet dignity. It is a quality that can go unnoticed but never unappreciated. When Tenzing Norgay and Edmund Hillary stepped onto the summit of Mt. Everest wearing the watch we know today as the Explorer they unintentionally created an icon of quiet dignity. The Rolex Explorer would forever be associated with this first successful expedition to the summit. In a time when such adventures were a solitary endeavor, not to be instantaneously shared via social media with tens of thousands of people, there was a quiet dignity that encompassed the men who pushed the boundaries of adventure. Simple in design with unsurpassed reliability and quality the Explorer was the perfect companion on this journey to the top of the world. No other watch can boast such a feat, but the Explorer is far from a boastful watch. Refined and subtle just like those who first climbed Mt. Everest, this watch carries with it a history of quiet dignity that will live on through future generations. This watch was produced in 2014 but still bears the hand applied sticker guards of a brand new timepiece. This pristine watch comes complete with original box and papers Retail Replacement Value (NEW) $7500.00