Rolex GMT Master 1675


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Attention hard core collectors! Feast your eyes on this stunning GMT Master 1675 with a production year of 1978! It is difficult to describe the feeling you get when you don a watch of this caliber. First, you feel an instant connection with the history of the most prolific watch brand in the world. You feel like you have, in an instant, experienced a trip around the globe, partaking in the adventures this watch has seen. Then there are the sounds, that light jingle of the well worn jubilee bracelet is like music to the ears of a watch fanatic. Then comes the feeling of pride, the kind of pride that comes from participating in the evolution of an heirloom. Soon to follow are the questions and conversations: Whoa…what year is your Pepsi? How long have you had that beauty for? I love the patina on the eggshell markers. Some may question the logic behind spending a great deal of money on what they see as, just an old watch. I would explain that this watch has lived a life, and it continue on long after it is passed down to the next generation. You can’t put a dollar value on a legacy.


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