Rolex Sea Dweller 16600


Retail Replacement Value: $13,000.00
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This Sea-Dweller is the divers watch by which all others are measured. The quintessential divers watch, made for life under the ocean, on the ocean, next to the ocean as well as morning commutes, hockey practice and all of life’s daily challenges. The Sea Dweller has long been a popular alternate choice to the Submariner due to it’s lack of the magnifying Cyclops over the date window. This simple absence gives the dial a clean, precise look that distinguishes this Sea Dweller at a distance. To wear this watch is to wear a lifestyle punctuated by adventure and exploration. The 40 mm stainless steel case is discreet, but will most definitely catch the eye of fellow watch collectors. This watch does not come with box or papers. What is does come with is a cool factor unequaled in the watch world. Retail Replacement Value (NEW) $13,000.00