Rolex Sea-Dweller Deepsea Deep Blue Extremely Sought After Model 126660


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This Rolex Deepsea Deep Blue is most certainly the most imposing watch in the Rolex family. Introduced in 2008, the Deepsea is designed to go deeper than most submersibles, and more than 100 times beyond the depth that any human could physically survive. Some might ask the question why? Why design a watch that can withstand the equivalent of 3 tonnes of pressure and go beyond depths that humans can travel to? By building such a beast as the Deepsea to extreme and exacting standards Rolex has created a watch that will survive any and all adverse conditions it encounters over the generations that it will survive. The robust 44mm stainless steel case has a discreet Helium escape valve for those who may adventure beyond the deep end of the pool. A watch like this is built for adventure but it will also be a faithful companion at the office or on vacation. This particular version has a stunning gradient dial that transitions from blue to black, commemorating James Cameron’s historic solo dive to the deepest place on earth: the bottom of the Mariana Trench. Most importantly is the concept of succession. This watch will be passed down through the generations taking with it the experiences of each person who wears it. This watch comes complete with box and papers.


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