Rolex Submariner 16618


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{Rolex Submariner 16618} The Rolex Submariner has long been a staple on the wrists of legendary figures – some fictional, most not. It has been featured on the wrist of 007, James Bond, in eleven movies; the Norwegian anthropologist Thor Heyerdahl famously wore the Submariner on his Ra II sea expedition in 1970; it withstood over 1,000 dives during the Moana sea expedition; the Submariner kept precise time in temperatures of down to 45 degrees below zero, in the Antarctic; the French diving company COMEX made the Submariner standard issue for its saturation divers; and the British Royal Navy used a special edition of the watch for frogman use. Now, you may think twice before subjecting this solid 18kt yellow gold Submariner to the aforementioned adventures. But, you can rest assured that it will take any and all of the challenges thrown in it’s direction. As well, you will look both dapper and rugged with this beauty on your wrist. This watch comes complete with original box and papers.