Tag Heuer Jack Heuer 50th Anniversary Bull Head CAR2C11-0. 45 mm


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This Tag Heuer Carrera Jack Heuer 1887 almost defies description, but I will do my best to define the style and functionality of one of the most unique watches Tag Heuer has produced in recent years. The first thing you will notice about this watch is the Bullhead style chronograph pushers and crown. This design, chronograph layout and function are inspired by dash mounted timing devices as well as vintage stopwatches used in car racing. The chronograph hands are accented in red to define the stop watch function. The dial is comprised of two parts, an inner steel and an outer anthracite, both with a sun burst pattern. The chronograph dials have a bi-compax look thanks to the discreet seconds hand at the 6 o’clock position. The Tachymetre features a red Pulsometre scale. The 45mm case is comprised of two separate components. The stainless steel outer housing holds the inner Titanium Carbide coated Titanium case. This inner case is perched on a slight angle to assist the wearer both visually and functionally. The chronograph start, stop and rest functions are much more accessible at this angle, as is the reading of the time and stop-watch. This watch is thoroughly modern but somehow reflects the vintage aesthetic and history of the Carrera line with respect and dignity. This impressive watch comes with box only


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