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What is it about watches that attract some of us like moths to a flame? For me, it is the sense of wearing history on my wrist. One look down my arm and I witness to hundreds of years of horological history. As well, vintage watches carry with them the personal history of those who wore them first. This connection to the history of watch making and the personal experiences of previous owners are my Achilles heel. This Tudor Oysterdate produced in 1978 , though simple and quite unassuming, has most definitely checked these 2 boxes. First you have the case and crown, both products of Rolex, which was standard practice until the 1990’s. The relationship Tudor has with Rolex is an undeniable part of the brands history and was an important factor of the success of Tudor. This particular watch has a modest 34mm stainless steel case. I am happy to see a rise in popularity of these traditional sizes since, in my opinion, they better represent the history of watch making. The blue dial shows a hint of patina around the outer edge. The luminous dots at the tips of the number markers have turned a distinct mustard colour, as has that of the hour and minute hands. Now, flip the watch over and we see the engraving. C.U.P.E. LOCAL 43 RETIREMENT. Knowing this watch was produced and presented as a retirement gift in 1978 I will assume the gentleman who received it retired at the age of 65 which means he was born in 1913. As a young man in the 1930’s I wonder if the original owner could have envisioned dedicating his life to a single job, being rewarded with a fine timepiece, then have that watch move along to gather more memories and experiences. This watch was serviced in 2017.


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