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Story #1: Carter and Colton

Our dad is special because he makes us feel so special and loved. He works so hard to give our family the best life he can. He takes really great care of our home and he loves us and our mommy so much. He is never too busy for us, he always finds time to take us to the park and for bike rides and the carwash!
He sneaks me (Carter) snacks when mommy says no but not my baby brother Colton because he is only 2 weeks old. Its been a big adjustment having a new baby brother but daddy makes sure he gives mommy lots of time to herself so shes still happy and can do nice things for us and he always makes sure I know how special I am to him and that his love for me has not changed since my brother came along. Daddy takes every chance he gets to tell everyone he can how proud of his boys he is. He buys us lots of nice toys and superhero shirts (my favorite).
My daddy is truly my very best friend and I know he has as much love in his big heart for my baby brother too because his heart is the biggest I know! Our family is so special to me because Mommy Colton and I know how loved we are by Daddy. Not a day goes by where he isnt showing us how important we are and how we always come first in his life.
My daddy also LOVES watches so this would be a very special gift for him to show how much we appreciate him and how important he really is to us.

We love you Daddy

Love Carter and Colton

Story #2: Natalie

My dad has been the most influential and important man in my life. From the time we were born, he took us fishing, camping, hiking, on family trips, and gave us so many experiences. He taught us how to throw a ball and catch a fish! How to make a fire the right way in the north and how to cook on an open fire. He came to every game he could as a kid and cheered me on the whole time. Even recently, imagine a 40 year old woman playing in a co-ed ball hockey league – and having her dad in the stands taking pictures and cheering when she scored – that’s my dad. Always there. Always the guy to count on. He’s the reason I got into teaching. Seeing his dedication and commitment to students that he had as he took them on field trips and even brought them north to our trailer so the city kids could experience camping and northern life. We’ve been to hockey games, baseball games, concerts, and recently took a road trip to Memphis to see Graceland with my brother and I. He’s my biggest fan when I’m playing music and comes to see my play almost weekly at a local pub – always looking for me to play the “Unicorn” song for him as he sings along. So many amazing memories. Dad was diagnosed with Alzheimers last year and is doing well despite his diagnoses. The trip to Memphis last year was sparked by the diagnosis and we continue to have fun and enjoy each day together! I’m so lucky to have such a great dad!

Story #3: Kiana

Ever since I was a kid, my dad has been someone I talked to about everything, no matter what it was. I’d tell him what’s going on in my school life, and bottom line, I’d just love to talk to him. I felt really comfortable with him and It was how we bonded. Now that I am a teenager, it’s different talking to your dad about everything, but nonetheless he always makes it clear that I am able to come to him to talk about anything, just like we did when I was younger.
My dad is also a very forgiving person, though we can both be stubborn at times.. (I must get it from him) we always find a way to make up and remain normal in our close relationship!
Lastly, my dad always finds a way. This is one thing I truly admire about him is that “when there’s a will, there’s a way” and he will always make sure he succeeds. This is also amazing because it’s what makes him so admirable. Especially when I come to him last minute with issues that I need solved. Through frustration and a little bit of “getting told”, he always has my back and gets me through it. One of the great traits that I wish to have!


Story #1: Carter and ColtonStory #2: NatalieStory #3: Kiana