Wedding Anniversary Ring

Wedding Anniversary Ring
Francine and her husband Gerry were looking for a 40th wedding anniversary ring. They just could not find that perfect one. Harmony Jewellers was recommended to them by a friend, so Francine came in to see our ring selection. Still not finding that perfect ring, the Harmony Associate suggested creating a custom design. Francine wanted to incorporate her own stones into the design, but was told by other jewellers that she should just buy new ones. The Harmony Associate stated that each one of her stones was a story on its own, and that as many as possible should be used in the new design.
Francine Mamela-1

Original Ring 1

Francine Mamela-3

Original Ring 2

Francine Mamela-2

Original Ring 3

Francine brought her rings into Harmony and met with the Harmony Design Specialist. After spending time with Francine, and getting to know her personality and her wishes, the Specialist started to draw some designs.
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Several designs were done, Francine and Gerry made a few alterations. They wanted to add in rubies to signify the 40th Anniversary. After the drawings were approved, the Cad Design was completed.
Francine Mamela-5

3D Image

Finally we had a finished product! Francine and Gerry came in to take a look. They were so happy!!! The new rubies represented their 40th anniversary, while the diamonds from her other rings each represented a different chapter of her life. Now they are all in one ring and each stone has a special meaning to them. We at Harmony are so happy that Francine and Gerry both love her new ring.
Francine Mamela

Finished Product

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