Weird, Wonderful or Wacky – Onyx Earrings

Next for the Weird, Wonderful or Wacky are these Onyx Earrings.  The colour contrast between the black onyx and the white gold is very striking.  These earrings are unique and different.  I really like the way they lock at the back.  You can hear the click and you know they are secure.  I can just see these on my earlobes with that black dress, on my way to a black tie affair!  They would definitely make a statement.  The earrings are made of 18K white gold and have a wonderful omega clip backing.

There are two custom cut natural black onyx which have been channel set into the gold, rather than inserting smaller pieces of Onyx into the design. This would take a true craftsman to get the curvature of the onyx right and not have it break when setting the stones. The chevron pattern of the 18K white gold adds a little extra security to protect the onyx from breaking.

To really make these earrings sparkle there are One Hundred bead set round brilliant cut diamonds.  Yup, One Hundred of them! The diamonds range in colour from G – H. The total diamond weight is 0.55 cts.

 I’m going to put these down as wonderful.  Since I first came across these Onyx Earrings, I have admired them.  Maybe this would be a nice treat to me for Christmas or my birthday that is coming up …….hint hint hubby! (I would also need a matching pendant dear).  I can see me wearing these earrings a fair amount of time.  My wardrobe is full of different black and white clothes that I wear to work.

You can find these earrings in the Estate section at Harmony Jewellers in the Grimsby location.  Come and take a look and decide if you think they are Weird, Wonderful or Wacky.

Onyx Earrings

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