Weird, Wonderful or Wacky – A Little Twisted

This ring is just A Little Twisted and is the next feature in the Weird, Wonderful or Wacky!  I thought the last one had a lot of diamonds in it, but man, this one takes the cake. Two-Hundred and Twenty-One bead set brilliant cut diamonds for a total of 3.62 cts.  Wow!

This one is so unique and different.  It will definitely make a statement when you wear it.  The diamonds really sparkle.  They are F – H in colour, and are a very good cut.

It really took some imagination when coming up with the design of this one.  Kind of looks like a love knot – woven circles filled with diamonds.  Need a gift for that special someone in your life? Dazzle them with the sparkling love knot, front and center!  You can’t get your feeling out there much better then that. Wearing this at the next family gathering would sure make a few relatives green with envy.

This is a fairly large ring, and top heavy,  it would need to fit well so that it does not slide around when you wear it.  I have not decided if I love this one or not.  It is growing on me the more I look at it.  I think that the uniqueness of the ring is what is drawing me in.  I really like things that are different. Although this ring is not really an old ring, it can be found in the Estate case at Harmony Jewellers in the Grimsby location. Come in, take a look, let me know if you think that it is Weird, Wonderful, or Wacky.

                               A Little Twisted

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