Weird, Wonderful or Wacky – Men’s Cameo Ring

Next up for the Weird, Wonderful or Wacky – It’s not often that you can find a really unique piece for men. This is a great example of vintage art and jewellery put together. The Cameo ring is custom made with a double face.  It is done in 10k yellow gold with a touch of white gold and has an ornately etched designed on the sides.  The base that the cameo is done on is a brown/orange natural carnelian stone, that has been bezel set (my favourite setting, no claws!).

The most prominent face is a Romanesque soldier made out of Onyx , the white face could be mother of pearl , and  looks to be maybe his wife, or girlfriend?  It may or may not be, but that’s why I love this kind of jewellery so much.  It leaves everything to the imagination.  You can make up your own stories as to what you think it may or may not be. For me, I can see an high ranking Roman Officer, flashing  his ring around to show off his wealth. He may have even used this ring as his official seal on his letters!  Maybe it is a self portrait of himself? (But this is just my imagination) It is my belief that the ring is circa the 1920’s – 1930’s.

If you want something unique and different then this could be the piece that you are looking for.  The length of the ring is 2.5 cm and the width is just shy of 2 cm.  Not a tiny ring. On a female it would be a great middle finger ring and would make a perfect addition to any jewellery collection!

What do you think?  Is this Weird, Wonderful or just plain Wacky?

Men’s Vintage Cameo Ring



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  1. I didn’t notice the second face at first. Once you pointed out that the second face was in white I was totally aware of it. It’s a great piece (wonderful).

    Sandie Feist
    May 25, 2017 Reply

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